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Ikoma is the place where many saints including Kobo Daishi and officers practiced.Among they,Hozan-ji Temple was built in 1678.To this day ,it has been worshiped by a wide range of people as a spiritual temple and shrine.After the culinary inn that has been familiar for many year since the Taisho period on the treasureal temple approach.The local organization “Ikoma Shoten-San dokai” for the purpose of revitalizing the Sando are 2014.The festival was held in 2015 and many people visited the festival.From April 2015 thanks a lot of greenery was changed the name to “Monzen OKAGERO”it is developed as a joint facility such as guesthouse,gallery and rental service.


Hotel room Services

Hall type of room services 

OKAGERO has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers. We understand that your needs can change last minute, and we’re ready to adapt our services quickly to ensure your success. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.


Hotel room service 

  ❗️Hall type of room service ❗️

It can be used as an inn where you can enjoy the best colors of the seasons.Please use it for sightseeing and business. { Hotel Fee } ⭐️ Standard room ⭐️ 30 meter square 〰️ 1 person¥ 5500++⭐️ Superior room ⭐️36 meter square 〰️ 1 person ¥6000++⭐️Normal room ⭐️14.9 ~ 21.5 meter square 1 person ¥5000⭐️ Twin Bed 🛌 Room ⭐️ 9.9 meter square. 1person ¥3500++



Next Level Service

Characters by artists such as contemporary art are held irregularly.You can also display various parts of the building.Weekday. 11:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM  ¥3000Weekend and national holiday.   ¥4000

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Lunch Menu 

A lunch set will be prepared for each Soba +¥400.

Japanese Noodles 🍝 1.Mori Soba (cold ).  ¥800 🍝Kale Soba (hot).    ¥800🍝 Kinchaku Rockon Soba (Hot/cold) ¥ 1100 🍝Chicken Nanba Soba (hot). ¥1200🍝Chicken Seiro Soba ¥1300 🍝Duck Nanba Soba.   ¥1300 🍝Duck Seiro Soba.  ¥. 1400 🍝 Tempura Soba  ¥. 1400🍝 Fish Soba (Hot)    ¥.  1100 🍝Hanamaki Soba (hot).  ¥.  1000🍝Sobanomi Gohan         ¥ 350

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Opening Hours

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Monday to Sunday -11:00AM ~ 9:00PM


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 ⭐️Transportation From OKAGERO ⭐️🚇 By Train Kyoto 60 mins. ❗️Nara City  30mins.  ❗️Osaka 60 mins❗️KanSai Airport 90 mins 🚘 By Car  Kyoto60mins ❗️Nara City 30mins   ❗️Osaka  60mins  ❗️KanSai Airport  60mins 

16-3 Monzencho Ikoma City Nara Prefecture

+81 743254083

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